Holiday’s over

November 28, 2010

Sarah came home for Thanksgiving, so all the kids were here except Daniel. He was able to call that morning, though, and he called again this evening. He seems to be doing well. He said most of what they’ve covered so far he’d learned when he was in ROTC drill team. He did get to go through the “gas chamber,” where they practice with their gas masks and then get exposed to tear gas. Fun!

Other than that, there’s not much going on here. It’s back to work tomorrow.

Benefits of global warming

November 14, 2010

Global warming is actually good for rainforests.

“Rainforests were doing very well” during the high-carbon, significantly-hotter “thermal maximum” period studied by the scientists. They found that rather than making species extinct the warmth drove diversity and brought many new species into the world – including both passionflowers and chocolate. [emphasis added.]

So there you have it: without an earlier period of global warming, we wouldn’t have chocolate.