January 17, 2019

So Nancy Pelosi told Donald Trump he couldn’t give the State of the Union until the shutdown is over. Then he told her she can’t go on her trip until it’s over. I’m glad our government is run by such mature people.

If I ever run for president, one of my promises will be to always do the State of the Union as a written document, not as a speech. If I remember correctly, that’s what all presidents did until Woodrow Wilson, one of our worst presidents. The deal where the president makes a big, televised speech only contributes to our unhealthy deification of the presidency.

(My campaign slogan will be: “I’m not going to solve your problems.” My reason for running would be that too many people are looking for a president to take care of them, but no one could vote for me with that illusion.)


2 Responses to “Maturity”

  1. Annette P Cleveland Says:

    You’ve got my vote!

  2. henryatfpreview Says:

    The original central tenet of the Whig party was that the President should not be the dominant figure of the government. The Whig party of Great Britain opposed the power of the King, and the Whigs in the U.S. saw Andrew Jackson as attempting to make the President into a King-like figure.

    I think the principal reason now that people hope for a President who will solve their problems, is they have such a low opinion of Congress. But there could be as much cause as effect, there.

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