Random thoughts and links

November 12, 2016

Most of this will be about the election, but first I want to note the passing of one of my favorite song writers, Leonard Cohen. He wrote a lot of good songs, but since everyone else is linking to them, I decided to link to an affectionate parody.

To all the people having the vapors over Trump’s win: his victory was not really about racism. It’s less that Trump won and more that Clinton lost. He got fewer votes than Romney, but she got a lot fewer votes than Obama. Hillary was a lot better at motivating her opponents than her supporters.

Speaking of his supporters, I expect that many of them will sound like Wash’s Stegosaurus before a year or two have gone by. I hope that’s true of the so-called “alt-right” that was so vocal in his support.

And speaking of the “alt-right”, it’s important to see that that movement is just standard left-wing identity politics, but pro-white instead of anti-white. Maybe the people who have been pushing identity politics will be able to see how ugly it is now that it’s pointed at them.

One Response to “Random thoughts and links”

  1. Erick Says:

    With regards to your last sentence, I’m very skeptical that that will ever happen. It’s totally different when someone else is doing it.

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