Moral voting

November 6, 2016

While I firmly believe that the time will come that we will each appear before God’s judgement seat to give an accounting of our deeds, I won’t be surprised if he never asks who we voted for in any election. Much of the polarization in our politics comes from people believing that their political opinions make them morally superior to those who vote differently.

Of course we should take our responsibility to vote seriously, and prayerfully select those we feel would best fill the positions. This doesn’t mean, though, that other people won’t equally prayerfully come to different conclusions. We should have the humility to acknowledge that we might be wrong, or at least that those who disagree with us are sincere and not evil.

I chose to vote for Evan McMullin (I did the early voting thing on Thursday) but I understand the arguments for the other candidates, and I don’t think my choice makes me morally superior to anyone. More than who you vote for, the moral choice is to respect the choices of others.


One Response to “Moral voting”

  1. Annette Says:

    I completely agree with you!!

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