Rule of law

July 8, 2016

It’s pretty clear from what Director Comey said that the evidence indicates that Hillary Clinton violated the law in ways that would get almost anyone else indicted and probably convicted. After consideration, though, I think he made the correct decision to not actually indict her. There’s no way that whole thing wouldn’t have become horribly politicized by both sides.

It’s a pretty sad commentary on where our country has ended up, though. Once upon a time people looked for integrity in political leaders, and didn’t make excuses for crooks just because they happen to be on “our side” of the political divide.

If you’re considering voting for Hillary Clinton, realize that you’re at least partially endorsing the idea that powerful politicians should get a pass on obeying laws that apply to everyone else. And think also how demoralizing it will be to the brave people who actually risk their lives to protect their country to be led by someone who places her personal convenience and ambition ahead of their safety.

[Update] Jonah Goldberg has a similar take.


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