March 11, 2016

I’m blessed to live in a time and have a job where I don’t necessarily have to be in my office to do my work. For example, when we have an ice storm or other kind of inclement weather I don’t have to risk my life on the road, I can stay home and do my work from here.

Today I am working from home. Most of my coworkers are too. What kind of disaster are we avoiding? Not ice nor snow nor tornados: today is the first day of South by Southwest, and it’s opening with a keynote speech by President Obama. Most of the streets in downtown Austin will be shut down, and Austin traffic is pretty horrible when all the streets are open.

But that’s not my problem today; I’m staying here in Pflugerville and getting things done.


One Response to “Disasters”

  1. Annette Says:

    President Obama coming to your town to give a speech? Yes, that is definitely a disaster!

    Frank can work from home too, thankfully. He’s avoided a few presidential disasters himself that way, as well as the natural kind.

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