Martians and links

December 29, 2015

Julia and I saw “The Martian” yesterday. Other than some of the language, it was a great movie. It handily beat “The Force Awakens”.

Although (spoiler!) Matt Damon’s character does survive, I think it’s good to remember that space exploration is not safe. If we ever get serious about it again, people will die. (It’s worth noting that, for example, only one out of ten English immigrants to Virginia during the original colonization survived for more than two years.) This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, though.

Now for some links. The first two are related to immigration and multiculturalism: Progressivism Makes Immigrants Unwelcome and Seeing the West as worse. And then, a Christmas one: Born of WHAT???


One Response to “Martians and links”

  1. Annette Says:

    Frank wants to see The Martian. I think it looks really good, too. I bet I’ll like it more than “The Force Awakens”!

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