November 22, 2015

For more about refugees, consider this from someone who immigrated to America a couple of decades ago: Prepare to be Assimilated. I think she identifies one of the big problems with immigration to our country these days: “multiculturalism”. While ostensibly about showing respect for all human cultures (which would be a good thing) it really ends up being about denigrating Western European (and especially Anglo-American) culture and encouraging balkanization within western countries. For better or worse a nation needs a common culture and common institutions in order to thrive, so high levels of immigration, while not necessarily dangerous in themselves, when mixed with “multiculturalism” become unsustainable. (A growing welfare state just makes it worse.) So let’s get rid of “multiculturalism” and then we can take in more immigrants and refugees.


One Response to “Assimilation”

  1. Annette Says:

    What a great viewpoint from someone who’s been through immigrating. Thanks for sharing! I can’t help agreeing with her!

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