August 28, 2013

So, there’s talk going around that we may be on the verge of some sort of military action in Syria. Exciting, especially when one of your offspring is wandering around the middle east.

Anyway, I’ll just repeat something I said earlier:

…it’s a practical mistake and a moral error to get involved in a war unless you’re committed to fighting it to the end. Unless you have a clear goal that won’t be accomplished until your enemy surrenders unconditionally or ceases to exist as a political entity, and you’re willing to put all necessary resources into achieving that goal, you have no business using military force.

Limited wars are immoral wars. If it’s not worth an all-out fight, don’t start fighting.


2 Responses to “War”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    I agree, This will be a pointless war. It’s infuriating!

  2. Annette Says:


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