This week for Sam

August 31, 2012

Not so far behind this time:

Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping me up to date on my car. I’m still hoping it’ll be running when I get home.

This week was a little crazy. Last district meeting the zone leaders came by and told us they felt inspired that this week we could reach the standard of excellence as a zone. So this week we had everyone texting in each time anyone added a new investigator or put anyone on date. Well, yesterday we added up all our numbers and we came up a little short. 3 baptisms short. I didn’t have the best attitude I admit since we keep on having little challenges to boost numbers. There’s always been a big focus on numbers and it’s easy to forget there are people behind them.

This Friday we had our mission toured by two members of the seventy: Elders Foster and Whiteington. [? The closest name to this I can find is Elder Scott D. Whiting.] They did some interesting trainings, mostly on working with members. It was all about being the kind of missionary they can trust. Elder Foster was mission president in Arcadia California where it was illegal to contact people on the street or knock doors. The only way they could teach was through members so he knows what he’s talking about.

I checked out Sister Winn’s blog and it’s way out of date. oh well.

Gotta go. I love y’all.

In totally unrelated news, the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in Quebec was broken into and millions of dollars of maple syrup were stolen. What is the world coming to?


One Response to “This week for Sam”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    thanks for posting! Can I get Sam’s current address?

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