Trusting Science

June 12, 2012

Unsettling Science

Corrupt, incompetent scientists? Lax research standards? Systemically flawed peer review processes? These problems, alas, are anything but rare. Stories like Stapel’s, plus reports on thefindings of the evidence-based medicine movement about the unreliability of much medical science, and studies like Leslie John’s in Psychological Science (which revealed that the vast majority of psychologists engaged in questionable research practices and that one in ten falsified data)–not to mention the various alarmist exaggerations of some climate researchers–demonstrate that in many cases scientists have no one but themselves to blame for the loss of public faith in their work. Through laziness, politicization of findings, and outright falsification, the practitioners of some of our most important sciences have discredited their disciplines. Every Stapel and Hauser strengthens the voices of science skeptics — and rightly so.

Read the whole thing.

Real science is still worth trusting. The problem is that when science gained prestige and influence, it started attracting people who wanted those things more than the truth. Science is about reproducible results derived from carefully collected and freely available data, not just what a group of people who call themselves scientists say.


One Response to “Trusting Science”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    love that, it is so true people put themselves up as pillars of knowledge not for the sake of truth but because they can’t get on TV any other way…integrity is a rare thing in all aspects of life these days, it does make it hard to trust THE experts!

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