Sam’s latest

April 26, 2012

Here’s Sam’s email from Monday:

So, how’s everyone?
Ya’ know this happens every week. I have all these things I want to write to y’all during the week and the day finally comes and I can’t decide what to say.
Thanks for the packages! I wish I was more constant on writing letters to y’all.
I don’t suppose you’d send me a copy of that family photo could you? It’s o.k. if not.
So this week has been slow. [Redacted]’s still set to be baptized may 7th. The only bad thing is transfers are coming up may 2nd and everyone keeps saying I’m gonna be transferred. I have mixed feelings on that. According to [Redacted] I have to be there though so I hope I’m not sent off to the fringes. Although I do want to serve out there eventually because of how much success happens out there. So I can’t make up my mind. Whatever.
Pretty much everyone else we’re teaching has been dropped (Sorry, set aside is the new term here.) So our days are pretty empty for now, but there’s tons of potential. A lot of the members are return mission presidents and stake presidents.
Sorry, gotta go. Love y’all
Elder Pew


One Response to “Sam’s latest”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    Thanks even though it’s short it’s fun to hear what’s going on or not going on!

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