Sam’s latest

March 15, 2012

Here you go:

Howdy y’all

How’s it going? I will write to the ward again soon. I plan on writing arround every transfer, so next week. Plus a card for David.

As long as you’re sending stuff could you send a UT shirt?

This week has been intense. On Monday one of our investigators called us in tears. He was in despair over some personal issues so we rushed over and gave him a blessing of comfort. Tuesday we dropped in on a less active member who had a powerful testimony, he had fallen pretty far and we gave him a blessing of comfort and healing. Wednesday I was on splits in my area and we dropped by a lady who, well basically had been horribly betrayed my a member. We gave her a blessing of comfort. Then Friday in the middle of weekly planning we get a call from the girlfriend of our investigator who we blessed on Monday. She was worried (understatement) because she heard him screaming in the bathroom at God. We rushed over, but he rushed out. We came by later and counseled with him for a couple of hours and he was back on track. Until his girlfriend came back and they got in a huge argument. A note, never tell your girlfriend when she’s really angry that you will never marry her. We found him a place to stay the night since it was now arround 9:30 when we broke them up. Before we left we gave her a blessing of comfort. Isn’t missionary life glamourous?

Anyways, the other missionarys are glaring at me so I gotta go.
Love y’all
Elder Pew


One Response to “Sam’s latest”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    wild! thanks for the update!

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