Sam times three

March 7, 2012

I’m really behind on posting Sam’s emails, but here are the three most recent. As you’ll see, I’ve removed most personal names. The first was sent Feb 20.

Hey, Fam
I am sending another letter today. I found the last one which is the one I wrote to y’all and the ward. Turns out I never wrote the return address. It was snail mail by the way and I don’t have the bishop’s email.

I can’t send pictures today because of the computer I’m on, so I’ll have to try again another time. I got bigger envelopes today so I’m mailing some pictures. I’ll probably write back to MeMaw next week too.
I wish there was much to report. Not a whole lot changed since transfers last week. A new Elder came into our zone from Round Rock Texas, Elder Bragg. He’s from the Welsh branch there apparently. In my district an elder and a sister moved out. As for my comp and I we went out and worked our hardest. That’s certain. We went by every name we had and every little lead we had. We’ve been asked to keep negativity out of our emails and letters so, yeah.

Have you seen those cards? They came out recently and when Elder Evens came by he told us we’ll be getting even better stuff soon. A card with one of those smart phone bar codes on the back. Sounds cool.

In spite of current area concerns, Salt Lake is an interesting town. Whenever we go down town I have my testimony of patience tested. The lights here are ridiculous. Totally make no sense. Oh, well. I got to take [redacted] to temple square last night. We’re trying to either help them get married or move out so we went through the family presentation that was under construction the last time we went together as a family. Elder Shapcott thinks the temple square sisters should have been bolder and I think they definitely could have been more direct.

Next week will be better! We’ve almost recycled our whole teaching pool, so we’re open to new blood. All distractions gone. That’s not to say don’t email a lot next time. We just need to find what’s stopping our success and change it! That’s my goal.
Love Elder Pew

Ps It sounds hilarious having everyone learn line dancing for FHE. We’re teaching FHE here tomorrow at a members home. Hmm.

We did get some snail mail with photos last week. The next was sent Feb 27.

Howdy, Family

You gotta tell me as soon as you find out where Bishop Beckstrom is going to be up here. I can coordinate with the missionaries and send him messages. (Evil laugh)

So Cameron’s ready to leave the MTC is he? We’ll see. I know I thought I was ready. I didn’t really know what to expect even after hearing from my brothers.

Levi too. That’s awesome. I really wish I had Jacob’s and Noor’s emails. Maybe you can get them from Levi. I know Noor said he’d write if he could. Did you ever call them?

To set the record strait again, it’s 3 Stakes (Hillside, Bonneville, and Monument Park North) with 17 wards. Yeah, the wards are tiny over here, although they may change that soon. Here’s why.

These days the percentage of LDS members is around 40 something and of that 40ish only 50% of them are active. To our advantage really because less actives are way more likely to know people who aren’t members yet. Reactivation turns pretty quickly to new members. Who needs tracting? Granted, Elder Shapcott did his best work, westward in a fascinating little part of town called Glendale. I want to be sent there. The people sound way more receptive.

I really liked those scriptures you talked about Satan’s tactics. I see that so much here. Just last night in fact.

Anyways, eastward in my area. I don’t know if I told you already, but we started teaching this lady who has been attending church every week that the bishop asked us not to go by. Before you get uneasy, this happened on a night where we didn’t know where to go. We prayed and felt impressed to meet her (and her member husband). She was overjoyed to see us. Anyway that bishop was released yesterday (which may have been in answer to Elder Shapcotts prayers) so maybe we’ll meet the other two ladies who aren’t members yet, but attend church every week.

Things have gotten nervous with [Redacted] and [Redacted]. I think I mentioned we went to temple square. Well, we took a couple who are becoming good friends with them, the [Redacted]. [Redacted] and Bro [Redacted] left [Redacted] and Sister [Redacted] to bring the car around and apparently [Redacted] told him he doesn’t want to marry [Redacted]. Awkward. He’s on date to be baptized, but he can’t until he either moves out or marries and he doesn’t have any money to move.

So, that’s our week. Oh, except we had dinner with John Schmit’s parents and Sis. Cannon who used to be on the relief society general board. And I talked in sacrament twice again yesterday.

I love y’all and love to hear what’s up. I hope Jonathan is loving his new soccer team. I think Amanda should get over herself. Really, Preach My Gospel says Genealogy is a great way to introduce people to the church. If you remember [Redacted], now he’s a member he’s really getting into his family history. Dad, please be careful with my car. Mom whatever school you and dad decide will probably be great as long as you’re seeking the Lord’s advice. Daniel, I think I have 3 favorite apostles so don’t worry about it.

Wow, did I just do that to my family? Weird.

Love y’all
Elder Pew

Not much to this one, but here goes. It was sent Mar 5.

So much to type home so little time.

Darn it I just typed up most of it and the computer glitched.

Oh well. First: My Mission is splitting. Out of us is coming the Salt Lake City West Mission. We’re getting part of the Ogden Mission to our north. Part of SLC South Mission is forming the SLC Central Mission. If I stay I could serve in Bountiful.

Second: My backpack with my camera in it was stolen.

Argh! I lost two huge paragraphs again!

We’re still working hard. I’ll write today because I’m a little fed up with having my info lost.

I still love y’all
Elder Pew


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