Today’s email from Sam

January 23, 2012

Here goes:

Hey, y’all
[Redacted] got baptized without a hitch. I only wish we had someone else lined up like we’re suppose to in this mission. I’ve tried to send you the pictures, but it’s not working. None of the programs it tries to launch it with are working.

Utah is weird. I ran into some semi-famous people this week. I met the guy who plays the organ for the motab and David Archiletta’s grandparents. Is that how you spell that? I also ran into someone who served upstate with Chris, (I forgot his name, sorry) and someone named Stephen Budge who served in our area knows Sky Rady. I thought that was cool.

We’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people here. I hope to see more apostles around. My district has Elder Hollands house in it and I’ve heard tales of him going on splits with missionaries.

Oh yeah, didn’t Grandma send y’all 17 miracles for Christmas? How’d you like it? She asked me pretty soon after I arrived if Mom had that movie already. She sorta showed it to me the night before I went into the MTC. Technically I wasn’t suppose to as a set apart elder. Oh well.

The work’s been slow so far in my area, but we’re not letting it get to us. We’ve prayed and I think we’ve figured out what we gotta give to baptize here. We’ve been told that if we want the blessing of baptizing we have to sacrifice something to attain it so now we know what to give the success will follow. This mission is so awesome Pres. Winn told us we can baptize every week. That’s our goal.

Oh yeah, it finally snowed again. I’ve decided I don’t like snow. This snow was wet, and kept coming all night and in the morning it all froze into ice. Luckily, being from Chicago, Elder Shapcott is familiar with these driving conditions.

Well now that I’ve made Mom crazy reminding her of all the times I said “oh yeah” I can say I love y’all and do miss you occasionally in spite of being super busy. I hope Amanda enjoyed Olive Garden and I hope David, Jonathen, and Andrew know how lucky they are to have their Dad read such great books to them. And I hope y’all enjoy the weather down there.

Love, Elder Pew

wow that was kinda sappy


One Response to “Today’s email from Sam”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    he’s funny!

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