Elder Sam double

January 17, 2012

It took me so long to post Sam’s January 9th email that I decided to wait and do two weeks together. Then he didn’t write yesterday. But he did today, so here goes.

January 9:

Hey, Fam
It finally snowed. Then it stopped. Everyone here wonders about this really mild winter and talks about how last winter was a record snowfall. I’m fine with the weather the way it is. Not too cold.

Elder Shapcott and I have been pounding pavement this week. Tracting in Utah is pretty unusual, but since this is a new area and the members never seem to think their friends are ready to talk to missionaries that’s what we’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the members have referred their friends and are excited, but they’re the minority. Hopefully once Elder Shapcott and I speak more in the wards and just be as visible as possible they’ll trust us more and feel more comfortable sending us to their friends. That’s the plan anyway. We fell pretty short of our goals this week in teaching even as we contacted everybody we could.

That letter you got with the picture in it was actually written the day I arrived, they just didn’t send it because we ran out of time and hadn’t taken the picture inside yet. I meant to write last p-day, but I didn’t press Elder Shapcott and apparently he didn’t write home since he hasn’t been getting letters or something. I even forgot to write to Pres Winn.

I will definitely write today this time. We need hard copies. Plus I forgot my camera again so today when we go shopping I’m printing out my photos.

I should tell you Mario Galaxy isn’t in my boxes. I thought I gave all my video games into Mom’s safekeeping. Stay out of my stuff. It’s not worth it.

I ran into a member who joined the church in Austin. Bro Evens spent a lot of time at the institute and knew Brother Wright. Elder Shappcot and I spent a little too much time there as we told some really cool Bro Wright stories.

The members are really nice.Our apartment has way too much junk food from members.They just hand us cupcakes and cookies whenever we drop by for referrals. When we walk into a restaurant there’s always a good chance someone will decide to pay our bill for us. Elder Shappcott is having a hard time since he’s trying to stay in shape for when he leaves in a couple of months. I’m trying to not let it go to my head.

So, spiritual stuff. [He talks about an investigator he says is shy and wouldn’t want stuff about him posted for the world to see.]

We also had our third meeting with Katelynn. The first visits she had admitted to not trying her hardest to know if this is true, but this visit I think she really felt the spirit. Now all we gotta do is help her recognize it. Easy right? It is, isn’t it? Is it? I’ve got high hopes for her.
Well, those are the best and most interesting stuff. The other investigators on our lists seem to either be dodging us or not interested in really knowing. Not that we’re giving up.

I love y’all and sometimes use things you do and say in my teaching. I’m sure you don’t mind.

Elder Pew

January 17:

I’ve been told my mail goes though the mission office so yeah.
Sorry this email is late. We had zone conference Monday so p-day got
pushed back. Zone conference was awesome by the way. It was all about
becoming the kind of missionaries that’ll achieve this year’s goal of
3600 baptisms. My companion’s getting all trunky because it’s his last
zone conference and was way better than all the other zone conferences
during his mission. The whole mission presidency spoke and the spirit
was way strong. I really think we can do it.

In my area though things have been slow. Very slow, but we’re working
really hard so now all we gotta do is more of that work to where it’ll do
the most good.

[Talks about his shy investigator.]
President Winn told us we’ll have the spirit way stronger on our
mission than almost any other time because the Lord gives his
strongest weapons to those on the front lines.

I’m mailing you today and hopefully I’ll get some pictures sent to
you. I haven’t taken many out of the MTC so you’ll have to make do. No

By the way, [his investigator] told us how he used to raise rabbits and it made me wonder how George is doing. I know it was my job, but did anyone ever clip her claws?

I am really loving my mission (in spite of the antis we keep running
into) and am being blessed every day.

I love y’all
Elder Pew

(For those who don’t know, George is our rabbit.)


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  1. Rachelle Says:

    thanks for posting!

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