Elder Sam Pew January 2

January 5, 2012

Julia and I were thinking of setting up a blog to post Sam’s missionary emails, but I decided it would be easier to just post them here. What follows is an edited version of the message he sent us January 2, the first he sent after leaving the MTC.

I’m soooooo glade to finally be out here. I’m around the Bountiful area except we’re covering three stakes and seventeen wards. To complicate matters my companion, Elder Shapcott, is new to the area. Elder Shapcott had five minutes where the last Elders basically said “Hey, you got a lesson tonight. Here’s the keys.” So the first night was awesome. We had a lesson with a 17 year old girl who reminds me of Amanda and, after, while trying to find a Bishops house I got car sick and threw up all over the front seat. Yeah, laugh it up. Elder Shapcott introduces me as Elder Pew who likes to puke. And we didn’t get the car cleaned til Friday morning.
Other than the first day I’m enjoying things. We’ve been meeting with a bunch of leaders and investigators. Luckily the last Elders left lots of notes and such.
The weather has been cold, but I expected colder. Plus, you may not believe it, but it hasn’t snowed at all here. They say the greatest snow on earth, but I haven’t seen it.

That’s really cool y’all got to go to the temple. We only get to go once a month. Bummer. When did the wii get fixed? How did the house get so badly messed up? You should have gotten the little guys to help. They’ve gotta get used to it eventually. That’s one of the things they want missionaries to ask whenever we go anywhere.

By the way Pres Winn is really cool. I came in the last transfer of the year so I sat in on his review of 2011. Last year the Salt Lake City Mission baptized 2600! Unfortunately the goal was 3000, and even though we set a new record we gotta do better. I guess thats why I’m here:) For 2012 the goal is 3600 and Pres Winn said the only way we’ll reach that is if every missionary gives up all the worldly stuff. We’re to report our decision in our weekly letter to him.

So, that’s the plan. My next letter should have my new address. I haven’t written it yet.
Love y’all. Stay out of my junk boxes.
Elder Pew


4 Responses to “Elder Sam Pew January 2”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    loved that letter! hopefully we’ll get a letter to him soon so post his address! thanks

  2. Annette Says:

    So what happened to your house?

    It’s nice to hear how Sam is doing so please keep posting his letters!

  3. curtispew Says:

    I think the comment about the house was a response to Julia’s complaint about the usual post-Christmas clutter.

  4. Me-maw Says:

    I had to laugh when I read about the car sickness — it reminded me about a similar incident that happened several years ago when I was driving him home after he mowed my lawn!

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