November 25, 2011

This article was linked by Smitty at The Other McCain, and it’s good enough to deserve re-linking: What is Constitutional Conservatism. It points out something true that is not often recognized: the big difference between the Left and the Right in American politics is that the Left believes that if we put smart people in power to make the right laws and regulations, we’ll create an ideal society, while the Right believes that humans are fallible and therefore human government needs restraint. Please read the article.

Shortly after reading that article, I saw this one, which describes how the whole “Climategate” fiasco resulted from a confluence of science and bureaucracy: Climategate: A symptom of driving science of a cliff.

Climate science broke away from meteorology in the early seventies. The Met Office’s Professor HH Lamb set up the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in 1972, making CRU a pioneer. But what happened to “climate science” over this period is merely an analogue of what took place in other fields. The relationship between science and public policy making is now very different to what it was 40 years ago, and climate research reflects those changes.

Again, you should read the whole thing for his explanation of how technocracy distorts science. The bottom line is that fallen human beings will never create utopia in this mortal world. First, we need to allow God to make us into something better, and then we will be able to build Zion.


One Response to “Technocracy”

  1. Timmer Says:

    Point #1 of my Conservative Manifesto is “There is no Utopia!”

    Some might think it ironic that the group that believes in Utopia is the same group that does not trust individuals. What’s strange to me is that they haven’t noticed that every attempt at government-created utopia (and there have been many!) has led to quite the opposite.

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