Youth and age

September 17, 2011

First, a couple more links from Instapundit from today: Teenage Brains (why they act that way—there are actually some good reasons) and The War Against the Young: Warning from Italy and Japan:

The war on the young is most intense in countries (and, in the US, industries and states) which have the blue social model deeply embedded in their social institutions. It is an interesting struggle: these days, the young face serious trouble finding employment and will be saddled with debts run up by their elders as they grow up.

The most distressing thing about watching the way society is going is realizing what it’s going to mean for my children. I was talking to Sam and David just the other day about the National Debt and how they and their peers were going to end up having to pay for it. (I did say I’d tried to vote for the people I thought least likely to make it worse.) The ironic thing about the movement that calls itself “progressive” is that it’s so hostile to the people that will be living in the future.


One Response to “Youth and age”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    We have had a similar discussion with our kids. Thanks for sharing these articles.

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