Memorial day

May 30, 2011

We’ve had a great Memorial day weekend. Daniel had a four-day leave, so he came home Friday. Sarah drove up from San Antonio the same day. Even Chris came home for much of Saturday and yesterday evening.

Saturday our old friend Dennis Ward stopped by to visit. Then I barbecued a bunch of chicken quarters. Then we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday. For the evening, we drove down to Zilker Park for Shakespeare in the Park. (Love’s Labour Lost.)

Yesterday after church Julia took Sarah and Daniel to visit with Memaw. Then we sat around and talked until too late.

Today Daniel had to fly back a little after noon, and Sarah just left to go home, so we’ll have to get back to normal. Although since everybody’s out of school now, normal will be different from what it was before the weekend.

Also, tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment so I took the whole day off, and Julia and I plan to go to the temple tomorrow afternoon. So actually, my weekend isn’t really over yet.

Update: Memorial Day: The War in Iraq

The story of America’s victory over terror in Mesopotamia needs to be told.  In justice to those who sacrificed so much, and for the sake of those who may have to face similar dangers in the future, somebody needs to tell the real story of how, against all odds and in the face of unremitting skepticism and defeatism at home, our armed forces built a foundation for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

All wars are tragic; some are also victorious.  The tragedies of Iraq are real and well known.  The victory is equally real — but the politically fastidious don’t want to look.  The minimum we owe our lost and wounded warriors is to tell the story of what they so gloriously achieved.

On ths Memorial Day, a truth needs to be told.

We have not yet done justice to our dead.

As the saying goes, read the whole thing.


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