Tooth fairy time

May 2, 2011

Andrew lost his first baby tooth today at school. The school nurse gave him a big plastic tooth to take it home in, and a toothbrush. He’s very excited.


2 Responses to “Tooth fairy time”

  1. Amy Crane Says:

    That’s always fun when they make a big deal about it at school! Do you get the BYU Magazine? If not, you should know that there’s a photo with you in it on page 36 of the Spring 2011 edition. It’s in an article about Mark Philbrick who has been BYU’s university photographer for over 30 years. It’s a photo of former president Ernest L. Wilkinson helping students whitewash the Y for the BYU centennial celebration in 1975. I was thinking to myself, “That was the first year that Curtis went to BYU. I wonder if he went up to help whitewash the Y…Hey–there he is!”

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