February 6, 2011

Since everyone in my family seems to be emailing or blogging about the weather where they live (even Hans!) I suppose I ought to report on what happened here. On Monday our temperatures were in the 70’s. Tuesday a cold front blew through, and temperatures dropped below freezing. Wednesday there were “weather-related” rolling blackouts that still haven’t really been explained. Our house was without electricity from about 7:30 a.m. to about 10:45 a.m. So the Pflugerville schools opened two hours late on Thursday. Then Thursday night it started sleeting, and by Friday morning there was an inch of snow on the ground, so all the schools (including the University) were closed—Chris was the only one in our family who went anywhere that morning. (After his mission in New York, he didn’t find the snow all that impressive.) Anyway, by noon the roads were clear and most of the snow was gone. Today it was warm again. That’s Texas this time of year: when the wind is from the south, it’s warm, and when it’s from the north, it’s cold.

Getting off the weather, we had Stake Conference today which was a regional broadcast for Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The speakers were Elder Jensen, Sis. Dibbs, Elder Ballard, and Pres. Monson. Elder Ballard began his talk by reviewing some of the history of the Church in those states. He mentioned the organization of the Oklahoma City Stake in September 1960. I’m pretty sure I was there, although since I was only three I don’t really remember.

Daniel is graduating from Basic on Thursday, so Julia is flying to Missouri on Tuesday and I’m taking the week off to run the house while she’s gone. She’s concerned about what the weather there will be like, so keep her in your prayers.


2 Responses to “Weather”

  1. Hans Says:

    Wow, a whole inch? How did you manage? Seriously, I’d probably be just as afraid to drive around after a one inch snow fall in Texas as I am after a foot here. Knowing how to drive in the snow won’t help you any when someone else who doesn’t runs into your car. Plus, I doubt there are many snow plows in the Austin area.

  2. curtispew Says:

    Exactly. I would be comfortable with my own ability to drive in an inch of snow, but I’d be very nervous about the other people. And given how rarely this happens, it’s probably more economical to just shut things down rather than stock up on the equipment and supplies more northerly places have to clear snowed-in streets.

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