Small world

March 25, 2010

One thing I forgot to mention that happened Sunday. Sam and I were home teaching Bro. Hill, who is our choir director, and I mentioned that we’d miss choir practice this coming Sunday because we’re going to Houston for Brennan’s baptism. He asked what part of Houston, and I said Clear Lake, and mentioned that I graduated from Clear Lake High School. He asked what year, and when I told him 1975 he asked, “Did you know Milton Pullen?”

“Of course!” I said, “He was our choir director.”

Well, it turns out Bro. Hill was in Mr. Pullen’s first choir when he started teaching right out of college. Bro. Hill hadn’t done anything with music before, but he went on to become a professional opera singer and at one time was a vocal coach for the Tabernacle Choir. Apparently Mr. Pullen has been teaching at the college level, but he’s retiring at the end of this semester. Bro. Hill is going to sing a solo at his final concert next month.

It is indeed a small world.


One Response to “Small world”

  1. Erick Says:

    Lynn Wise Bull sent me an invite to a Facebook group where they are working on setting up a reunion for anyone who sang under Mr. Pullen on July 24th in Clear Lake. If you’re not on Facebook, you should have Julia find the group for you and get the information on what’s going on.

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