Thirty years of the block

March 10, 2010

Sunday Worship is a Family Affair

Thirty years ago this month Church leaders announced a change in Sunday meeting schedules for congregations in the United States and Canada. Consolidation would be expanded worldwide on 4 May. Prior to that time, Latter-day Saints attended three 90-minute Sunday meetings spaced throughout most of the day, in addition to two other meetings during the week. Today, however, meetings are shorter. After the change, all Sunday worship meetings would be contained within a consecutive three-hour time schedule. It has become known as the three-hour block.

Sometimes when we’re having a particularly hectic Sunday, I remember how it was when I was a kid and marvel that we survived.


4 Responses to “Thirty years of the block”

  1. Amy Crane Says:

    Each of the 3 meetings were 90 minutes apiece? I don’t remember them being that long!! How DID we survive? How did our PARENTS survive? I remember loving Relief Society nursery and after school Primary and taking the sacrament in Jr. Sunday School opening exercises.

  2. Annette Says:

    Yeah, I don’t remember them being that long, either. Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School…was the other meeting Priesthood Meeting? I’m sure it was hard on parents in particular, but one good thing…there wasn’t time for much else on Sunday except worshipping!

  3. Rachelle Says:

    memories…I am sure I would have gone inactive if they hadn’t consolidated by the time I had kids! JK

  4. lavaquita Says:

    Yeah, that must have been awful for parents. I would not have survived as an adult.

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