We need more idiots

October 8, 2009

In Congress, that is: We Need a Bigger House.

I came to this conclusion several years ago. When your congresscritter represents 700,000 people, what are the chances that you’ll ever even meet him?

To go along with this, I’d use modern telecommunication technology and get most members of Congress to stay out of Washington, D. C. There’s no reason they all need to be in the same physical location any more, and if they spent more time around people not involved with the government they might get a better perspective on its importance.


4 Responses to “We need more idiots”

  1. Tim Says:

    Amen, brother!

  2. Annette Says:

    Great thoughts!

  3. ross Says:

    From a national security standpoint, putting them all in the same building at the same time is a high-risk tradition. I’m sure Washington has pretty good security but why put all your reps in one place so that a single bomb or gas attack can get them all?

    It would also make it more expensive to lobby them all, if they were in hundreds of different districts.

  4. Shellie Says:

    Makes very good sense to me…

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