It’s hot

June 29, 2009

Even by Texas in June standards. We’ve passed 100° F every day for over a week. Some rain would be really nice right now.

Sam got home from High Adventure on Saturday, which was also his birthday. We just gave him his presents and had cake and ice cream tonight. From what he says, the High Adventure was about learning what it was like to be a cavalry soldier in the 1800’s—they built fences and dug ditches and toured Fort Davis.


6 Responses to “It’s hot”

  1. Annette Says:

    Yikes! Glad it’s not that hot here.

  2. ross Says:

    Wow, you wish for rain and it shows up. Wish for free chocolate for everyone!

  3. Shellie Says:

    Sounds like high adventure was cool. I could send you all the rain we get so regularly around here, if the wind blows the right way.

  4. Amy Crane Says:

    When I read that it was “only” around 100 I thought, “That’s it?” I guess that I am still in the Arizona mentality where heat isn’t worth mentioning until it gets around 110! I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures in Utah.

  5. Rachelle Says:

    I guess temperature is ‘relative’? Whatever, my AC isn’t working and it’s hot because my house is 82 degrees!

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