Names part 4

June 18, 2009

I suppose I should finish this off. As you might guess, after three boys and only two girls, we were having trouble coming up with new boy names, but we weren’t done with that yet.

About this time Chris and Daniel had two friends, brothers, named David and Jonathan. Their mother said that David and Jonathan in the Bible were best friends, and she wanted her sons to be best friends too. Julia liked that idea, so our next two boys were named David and Jonathan.

When were picking out a middle name for David, I suggested Moroni again, but Julia still wouldn’t go along, so I said, “What about Ammon, then?” and she decided she could go along with that. So David Ammon gets his name from two righteous and valiant men from the scriptures, and I hope he will be brave in standing up for what’s right.

We had a harder time coming up with a middle name for Jonathan. I don’t remember what made me think of it, but at some point I came up with Granger, my grandfather’s middle name. (Frederick Granger Johnson was named for his grandfather Frederick Granger Williams who was named for his grandfather also Frederick Granger Williams who was Joseph Smith’s second counselor in the First Presidency.) Jonathan Granger sounded good, so that’s his name.

I hope Andrew won’t be too disillusioned when he gets older and reads this, but by the time we knew he was coming we were really having trouble coming up with boys’ names. One of the kids pointed out that we had two “C” names (Curtis and Christopher), two “J” names (Julia and Jonathan), two “S” names (Sarah and Samuel), and two “D” names (Daniel and David), but only one “A” name (Amanda), so the next baby should have a name that starts with “A”. That would have worked out great if he’d been a girl, since I’d already picked Abigail (my great-grandmother’s name) for the next girl, but what about a boy? Someone suggested Andrew, and since Julia has a great great grandfather named Andrew Jackson Nixon and we couldn’t think of anything else we decided to go with it when he turned out to be a boy. We didn’t actually settle on a middle name until a week or two after he was born, but we finally picked Isaac after my great great great grandfather Isaac Russell.

So that’s where all my children’s names come from. I’m still a little disappointed that we never got an Abigail, but you can’t have everything.


4 Responses to “Names part 4”

  1. Amy Crane Says:

    Obviously, I like Ammon a lot. I also had considered Granger as a middle name and Isaac Russell was a great man so I think those are all great names. David, Jonathan, and Andrew–all good, solid boys’ names. We struggled with just two boys’ names so I’m sure six would have been a big challenge.

  2. Annette Says:

    I like the names you picked, also. Not sure why boys are so dominant in our family! Frank and I are still confused why we didn’t get the Alicia Ann that we both dreamed about when I was pregnant with Scott…hope someone will explain that to us in the next life!

  3. Daniel Says:

    If it’s any consolation to you I’ve always wanted to name any daughter I might have Abigail. So there’s a real good chance you’ll get an Abigail granddaughter some day.

  4. Rachelle Says:

    I love the name Abigail too but Tim didn’t or Gwen would have been Abigail. Go for it Daniel!!!:)

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