Another week

March 29, 2009

Work this week was mostly about learning Django and meeting with our main software vendor to evaluate our use of their products. Not to mention the disaster recovery test which was very educational. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a real disaster.

Thursday night was pack meeting, our Blue and Gold Banquet which had to be postponed from last month due to a scheduling conflict. David bridged over to Scouts, and then Friday night went on his first camp out.

Yesterday Jonathan had a soccer game and then his team pictures. (They lost the game but had fun.) From there we went to my mother-in-law’s house to celebrate her birthday. I left early to take Sam to work and to be home when David got home from scouts. Then we went back and got the rest of the family and came home, and Amanda, Julia, and I got dressed quickly and went to the Stake Center for the Young Women’s broadcast. (My current calling involves setting up the equipment for broadcasts.) So it was a pretty busy day.


One Response to “Another week”

  1. Shellie Says:

    Sounds busy. I even know what that bridge over thing is now that I have scouts. I used to ditch your pack meetings to walk down highways.

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