I always thought they did

March 27, 2009

Adam Connor, one of my coworkers, posted a link to this on our intranet bulletin board site: High-powered mathematicians take on free will.

The gist of it is this: They say they have proved that if humans have free will, then elementary particles — like atoms and electrons — possess free will as well.

I have occasionally pondered whether or not elementary particles have free will, and if I had to guess I’d say the answer is “yes.”

The universe is a much stranger place than we think it is. People are always trying to put reality in safe little boxes, and often try to use religion or “science” to keep it there. But real science, and revealed religion, don’t cooperate; the weirdness keeps escaping if you pay honest attention.


3 Responses to “I always thought they did”

  1. Tim Says:

    I learned that years ago from the ‘They Might Be Giants’ song, ‘Particle Man’.

  2. Amy Says:

    So do the elements always use their free will to obey? I thought that’s why we are less than the dust of the earth. This is all probably too deep for me to even comprehend. I should stick with humor to respond to things like this, like Tim, right?

  3. Shellie Says:

    Weird, but I thought the particles did have free will, too. I agree, we need to discover the universe instead of letting pre-conceived notions get in the way.

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