I hate DST

March 8, 2009

Since I have a blog now, and today we started Daylight Saving Time, I’ll inflict my semi-annual rant on the internet.

DST is all about getting people who want to sleep in to get out of bed earlier. (I once read an article about time zones and stuff by Isaac Asimov, in which he said something like, “If Congress passed a law saying we all had to get up an hour earlier, there would be rioting in the streets. Instead, they passed a law saying we all have to set our clocks ahead an hour, and everyone just does it.” Well, I’m in favor of the rioting.) Anyway, it discriminates against those of us who are already getting up early: just when it’s getting so we’re not in the dark all morning all the clocks get changed and we’re stumbling around without light again.

The usual justification for this is “saving energy” but the studies pointing in that direction were all done in the 1970’s and have methodological issues. The most recent study, when all of Indiana went on DST a few years ago, showed unambiguously that it increased utility bills.

There are other costs; another study showed that traffic accidents go up significantly the Monday after DST goes into effect.

The biggest lobby for this is composed of businesses, like sporting goods manufacturers, that are related to outdoor activities. But I don’t see why I should have to get up in the dark so they can make more money.

So let’s get rid of this ridiculous practice of giving ourselves jet lag twice a year!


6 Responses to “I hate DST”

  1. Lee Johnson Says:

    The old Indian said, “Daylight savings is like cutting a foor off one and of a blanket and sewing it onto the other end to try to make it longer.”

    What about all the man-hours of labor that have been spent by programmers so that their software can make adjustments for the switch in time twice a year?

    What about the confusion we cause people in foreign countries when half of the year their time is three hours different from ours and the other half a year it is only two hours different?

    Why didn’t anyone think of just changing the time businesses open and schools start instead of messing with the time?

    I say lets start a revolt and get rid of DST forever!

  2. Annette Says:

    I totally agree–I hate DST! I haven’t talked to anyone who likes it. When do you want to organize that riot?

    PS–Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Benjamin Pew Says:

    Jessie has become an ardent Daylight Savings foe this year. I can’t say I entirely hate it, but I have always thought it was rather silly.

  4. Hans Says:

    I used to be a daylight savings time hater. Since moving to MA, I’m now a standard time hater. Okay, so you could get the same result by ending daylight savings time and putting MA in a new time zone one hour ahead of EST.

  5. Amy Crane Says:

    AMEN!! I already ranted about DST on Shellie’s blog comments. Welcome to the internet, Curtis! And you don’t have my correct e-mail address–the one you used was gone over a year ago–so I just found out about your blog yesterday.

  6. Shellie Says:

    I already ranted on my blog too, I think the cost is far far greater than any savings, and studies show the same!

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